Sunday, June 13, 2010

Summer's almost here

The snow is retreating quickly from Mt Charleston

Nasty weather up high

The weather turned bad really quick on Saturday and honestly caught us by surprise. Make sure you are prepared before you head into the high country.
It might be 100 in the valley but it can get really chilly and wet at 9000 ft.

Tortoise Rescue

Dude pull over it's a tortoise! We were headed back to the office because we got rained out and as we were headed down the mountain we spied a tortoise on Hwy 157. Cars were flying by and the poor little guy was out in the road. My friend ran out there and saved him from a rather messy death. It took the tortoise awhile to pop his head out but whew he made it...All in a days work.

They walk among us...

Yuck! I'm not sure what's thing is but it is sure was hanging out in Joshua Tree. I think it rather enjoyed getting his picture taken.

Apache Plume