Saturday, July 23, 2011

I'm back.

Well I didn't really go anywhere, I just got caught up in the world of Facebook. I deleted my Facebook account today and if I can stay away from it for 14 days it will be permanently gone. Now don't get me wrong Facebook is very cool and I had a lot of friends, but I'm working on simplifying my life, and trying to find my way and posting on Facebook 3-4 times a day and following other folks lives doesn't leave me much time to do what I want to there. I will be posting a few good pics from the last six months (God has it been that long since I posted here?) to get caught-up with a few stories intertwined. But to get you up to speed I'm still in Vegas, still working for Friends and still working with the SCA Interns and loving Southern Nevada Wilderness with my heart and soul. I never really chat too much about me but after six months of no posts I thought I should fill you in. Thanks for checking back I have a meter that lets me know the regulars (at least your domain name & city) so I know a few of you check in from time to time. Anyway I'm ready to get the blog fired up again and start posting. Enough about me time to head back out into the desert.

Cheers Kurt 7/23/11